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About Me

Artist Statement


“Throughout my media-making practice, collaboration and social responsibility are key. My process is guided through journalistic ethics and community care. Focused on human stories and direct calls to action, the media I produce is campaign-driven and seeks to drive societal change.”



Alyssa Michener (fae/faer/they/them) received an MFA in Film and Media Arts with a concentration in Political, Cultural, and Social Impact as well as Environmental Documentary. They also have their BFA in Film and Photography with a concentration in Filmmaking and minor in Psychology. Fae began their freelancing career at sixteen, documenting their high school basketball team. Since then, fae has worked in fashion, commercial, political, education, and the non-profit field. From 2020 to the present, fae has been documenting historic events in Washington, DC, with a focus on anti-racist movements, Indigenous sovereignty, environmental justice, and covering the extremist far-right movement through an anti-fascist lens. In their free time they shoot and develop film photographs, make glass art in collaboration with their mom, and are involved in community organizing.

An image of a non-binary person carrying a camera strapped around their neck. They are looking directly into the lens as a street festival is out of focus around them.

Photo by Andrew Derek.